So it has become more difficult 

Even with the continued passage of time,

The medicine which was prescribed to make it all feel better,

to feel any better. 

The medicine that would have been the cure all

End all

to the pain

has run it’s full treatment course.

Pain however has proven to be a stronger  affliction, 

a potent cocktail of misery and flowing tears.

This medicine has merely numbed the heart,

While the soul forever  drowns in turmoil

Struggling to keep afloat,

To rise above this wretched disease.


It’s ever persistent, 

an ever faithful companion

Keeps me awake indefinitely. 

Robs me of laughter and sanity.


This abundant medicine, has not brought me no relief 

Very little solice.


it’s  now a lifestyle illness 

in the form of depression. 



I don’t  write 

because I  don’t  trust my own feelings.

They simmer below the surface ;

a hot soup of confusion  and pain

On a low passive aggressive  heat

Lit by ashen coals of despair.

Simmering slowly and steadily

But it must come to boil, 


Stranger in Moscow

coffee-shop-520x245Too fast,

They enter and exit so fast.

He can’t keep track of the random faces as they sip their coffee and talk loudly.

His dry parched lips curve into a smile; not because he is happy.

He smiles to camouflage his sadness.

Maybe he will appear normal to the fast faces as they smile back at him

but that never smile with him.

He sits with his only companion;loneliness

They watch the faces come and go,

They come and go so fast.

He sits,

as everything but his age slows.

He smiles

His heart cries.

He smiles to appear normal,

His heart cries to have what they normal people seem to have;











This old chair


“I’ve learnt alot.”

The rickety old chair declares from her dusty vantage;

right in the best corner of the room.

She has sat many, many years with the timeless spiders as she experienced the passage of time.

A true antique; much weathered from usage.

Many have sat on her and unburdened themselves

The faces change but the weight often feels the same,

The tone of sighs differ very little.

Some accompanied with salty tears.

If only she could talk ,

wipe away some of the tears with her wooden arms.

She could offer them comfort.

This chair would tell them her biggest pearl of wisdom.

That no pain lasts forever.

Matters not how deep the wound may be


how harsh the burn

Time sooths.

Take a seat





The hardest thing to do

I think the hardest thing for me to do is write
I mean it’s pretty easy to simply put words on a paper
It’s easy to twist words and throw on figures of speech
and fill people’s ears with sound
but the hardest thing
the struggle really is to really write.
To understand how  I could transport you,
my audience from sorrow to joy?
How do I make you lay down your clashing swords and take up love?
How do bring healing to open festering wounds?
How do I bring sight to the sightless?
How do I add weight to my words so even the person in the back can feel it?
I struggle to write
I won’t deny I find
It’s a little hard to step over lines,
Many of them drawn by my own hand
cross boundaries put up by my own doubting mind
wade waist deep through murky waters of fear and self criticism
just to write.
I understand the mighty power of poetry
the awesomeness that is the spoken word but
how do I become a Shakespeare of this age?
Develop a strong poet voice like Maya Angelou
Be my own Edgar Allen Poe
Set trends like Louise Bennett Coverly
The hardest thing to do is write I tell you even though,
I too like Martin Luther King also have a dream
I see myself at a place where words have so tightly intertwined with my soul that we cannot be spliced.
I see me where atoms and cells are one with similes and syllables
I see me giving birth to ideas and notions that have people gawking
That is my dream.
But the hardest thing to do is write
how I write above it all?


‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’ – Pablo Picasso


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